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Every Tamora Pierce Challenge
I’m reading every, single, published Tamora Pierce book (this year, most of them I have already read)
More will be added if released. Ones in italics are read.
Starting Date = April 11, 2009.


Provest’s Dogs
1. Terrior
2. Bloodhound (not yet released)
3. Mastiff (not yet released)

Song of The Lioness
1. The First Adventure
2. In the Hand of the Goddess
3. The Women who Rides Like a Man
4. Lioness Rampant

The Immortals
1. Wild Magic
2. Wolf-Speaker
3. Emperor Mage
4. In the Realm of the Gods

Protector of The Small
1. First Test
2. Page
3. Squire
4. Lady Knight

Daughter of the Lioness / Trickster
1. Trickster’s Choice
2. Trickster’s Queen


The Magic Circle
1. Sandry’s Book
2. Tris’s Book
3. Daja’s Book
4. Briar’s Book

The Circle Opens
1. Magic Steps
2. Street Magic
3. Coldfire
4. Shatterglass

The Circle Reforged
1. The Will of The Empress
2. Melting Stones


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