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Series : House of Night
Authors : PC Cast and Kristen Cast

Summary :   The four books in the House of Night series (Marked, Betrayed, Chosen and Untamed) as well as the upcoming Hunted (March 10), follow the life of Zoey Redbird. Zoey has been marked as a fledgling vampire who is unable to live apart from adult vamps for any long period of time. So she attends a new school, House of Night, where she realizes her powers are far above the norm. While Zoey has conflicts and friendships with other fledgelings, their is a problem. Humans, vampires and other fledglings are dying. Who is it? Vamps? The Uber-religeous group her step-dad fronts? Or something else entirely?

Reveiw : Not bad, the mythological basis is good. The vampire mythology is portrayed well. The characters are really diverse. However sometimes they seem unreal. They also have unique vocabularies. You can only say ho-bag so many times in one sentence, Zoey.  Also, she overdoes it on the relationships. Her friends are cute though.

Rating : 3 Stars